Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first blog with 44?

I just turned 44. Over christmas 2010, I had some time to wonder what all this fuzz about social media, blogs, real-time internet etc. is all about. So I decided to find out by creating my own blog (and I will probably try Facebook and Twitter soon). This happens at the same time that I got my first BlackBerry, so I will also look at all this from a mobile perspective.

I studied computer science and work in IT consulting on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) since the 90's, so I'm quite fluent with computers. But I never cared too much about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Buzz - you name it. The only thing I did in this space was to maintain a profile on XING. That's not enough! I got the feeling that this is more important. So let's consider this blog as an Internet-diary of some trying to figure out this stuff.

I plan to blog on these topics:
  • Using social media for business purposes
    • In PLM, this might translate to social product development and Web 2.0 collaboration
    • In consulting, this might translate to networking and productivity applications
  • Real-time web and mobile devices
So why read this blog? Well, If you are about my age and share my interest in social media, real-time internet, mobile, I would appreciate you not only to read, but to share your experiences.

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