Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting content - which blogs to follow?

Now that I've figured out the tool question (Google Reader), the next question is about content - which blogs to follow? I structured this into the following fields:
  • Blogs related to my profession, i.e. consulting in the PLM (product lifecycle management) domain
  • Blogs related to the market, i.e. customers, competition and industries
  • Blogs related to relevant technology and media
For identifying relevant blogs in these fields, I took the following approach:
  •  In Technorati, make sure you search for „Blogs“, not for „Posts“
  • In addition to Technorati, search with Google Blogsearch
  • Look at the blogroll of your favourity blogs
  • If you are interested in a specific company such as BMW, look at their homepage
  • If there is no blog on your topic, create a Google Alert (or create your blog on this topic). You simply enter some keywords as search criteria and have Google deliver the results via RSS (or email)
With this introduction, here are the blogs that I will try to follow:

Blogs related to my profession, i.e. consulting in the PLM (product lifecycle management) domain:

Beyond PLM

Information about engineering and manufacturing software by
Oleg Shilovitsky. Includes the „Daily PLM think tank“.
In his blogroll, you can find more PLM-related blogs.


PLM industry analyst (Twitter feed)

Jo Voskuil

Global mid-market observations of the world now called PLM by
Jos Voskuil


Engineering strategies, talent management and software by Chad
Jackson from Lifecycle Insights


Business Technology Consulting incl. PLM

Dassault 3D Perspectives

PLM vendor Dassault Systemes (Enovia)

Social Product Development

PLM vendor PTC (Windchill;blog focus on social product


PLM vendor Siemens PLM (Teamcenter)

Aras Open Source


PLM vendor Aras

CAD software industry comments from Deelip


IT consulting – my employer
Blogs related to the market, i.e. customers, competition and industries:


Aviation blog by John Ostrower - #1 aviation blog in Technorati

Automotive Blog

T-Systems blog on the automotive industry


Daimler corporate blog (why does BMW not have a blog?)


Airbus as a company doesn't seem to have a blog or RSS feed, so
I created my personal RSS feed using Google Alert. This is not the same as a blog, but keeps me updated.
Blogs related to relevant technology and media:

Chris Brogan

Blog on new media (focus on marketing)

IT /

Gapgemini technology blog


Blog by Jeff Jarvis („What would Google do?“)


Everything about BlackBerry

P.s.: sorry about the strange formatting of the table - copy&paste from Open Office into the Blogger-editor didn't work and I'm not too good at HTML...


  1. Hi Jens,

    Thanks for listing out major blogs on PLM, you must include on your plm blog list. He has a huge resource on PLM and numerous interviews with executives and stakeholders from the PLM industry on his blog.



  2. Thank you, Chetan - I will add I appreciate your feedback and the open statements on deelip, although I don't follow SolidWorks as closely as he does.