Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why not?

A colleague of mine @Cirquent reacted nicely to this blog with the following tweet:
Why blog with 44? fragt sich unser Kollege Jens Krüger. Well, why not?! http://whyblogwith44.blogspot.com/ :)

Well, never ask an engineer in the "why don't we" format (http://www.dilbert.com/)


So here are my top 3 reasons for not blogging:

Time consuming
I found that the most time consuming thing about blogging is not the actual writing of new posts, but the constant reading of a variety of related blogs. After the initial detection of some relevant blogs for me, I spent a few days just reading through their archives, following their links etc.
But: that was just the initial setup, the daily or weekly following of the most important blogs should only take a few minutes per day. I guess I will have to find a way to filter and prioritize posts in my Google Reader, which has still more than 300 open posts to read. In terms of content, I found the blogs to be much more interesting than some of the official communication published on traditional websites.

In this blog, there is admittedly some ambiguity between business contents and more personal thoughts. And there is also always the legal risk of missing some terms of use or copyright restrictions.
But: that's the point in using a blog: the ability to publish and discuss your thoughts. My brain has no exclusive business and private modes.

Everyone can read this - customers, colleagues, competition, friends etc. It will probably be impossible to delete all traces on the internet created just from this blog and comments in other blogs.
So what: also in blogging, you are responsible for your statements. The transparency is required for the social part in social media. And our Cirquent Social Media Guideline promotes this transparency.

Any comments?

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  1. Jens, generate more traffic on your blog: We would be happy to see this post on Cirquent Blog as well with a link to your blog here. :) Regards, Meike